Great copy drives sales

Tips for writing great sales copy

Did you know that many purchase decisions are made because of the convincing power of sales copy?

Why is sales copy important for you?

Every product you present to the market deserves a sales copy. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Good sales copy sells your product in the best possible way, making your audience relate with it and take action.
  • Good sales copy creates a long-lasting bond with your audience as you respond to their questions, needs, and feedback. This makes them feel important and appreciated.
  • Good copy transforms all products into must-haves by describing them attractively and presenting them as the best in their league.
  • Good copy separates you from your competitors, setting your product apart by use of fantastic descriptions.
  • Good copy makes your product unique and unforgettable by presenting your product as an authentic must-have for your audience.

In summary, good copy focuses on the benefit (WHY), not just the detail (WHAT) which will put you miles ahead of your competition & deep in your customers’ hearts! (Find out more about focusing on the WHY)

Effective sales copy is the difference between making a sale, and losing one. It can also be the first stage of your business gaining a lifetime customer.

Sometimes the best sales copy is one that plays its role so well that it is not even noticeable. It usually blends in well with the product information.

Unlike what you might see in blog posts, sales copy is usually developed with a much more particular focus, to convince a customer to buy your product.

While your blog might be full of copy delivering value, sales copy is about taking action. Sales copy mostly appears in promotional emails, advertisements, promotional emails, landing pages, and brochures.

Your sales copy needs to convince people to purchase your product without sounding either desperate, forceful, or pushy. And as a great marketing tool for your business, it should always follow the same fundamentals as would any marketing collateral. Our web tip on Creating a marketing strategy will explain to you the building pillars of any marketing content you produce for your business.

Creating the perfect message may seem like a very difficult thing to do for most people, but it shouldn’t be. I would like to give you a few useful tips on how best to write your sales copy to ensure it gives you the best results.

So what makes great sales copy?

Good sales copy will serve your business well. It is a gift that keeps on giving, paying you back over and over again.

A good sales copy:

  • Is focused on WHY, not WHAT
  • Is targeted and gives particular information about the product
  • Is specific to an audience
  • Uses engaging language
  • Presents the product or service as a great solution to a problem
  • Ends with a compelling call to action, either for the reader to make a purchase, or book an appointment for services

Exercise: Consider the sales copy you have for your products. Does it follow those tips?

How do you feel about your sales copy? Want someone with experience to take a look & see how it can be improved? Reach out – and schedule a free 30-minute session with Christy.


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