Fixing & Maximizing Your Local Listings

Fixing and maximizing local listings

We’ve covered the importance of why you should have listings in local search directories. So now I’d like to focus on what do you do when you find incorrect information, and then maximize the results that the listing can bring.

Fixing incorrect local listings

Google looks for signals to show that your business is relevant and valid. If your biz name, address or phone number is different on the various directories, Google gets mixed signals and decides that it better not show your listing to people searching… because it may not be what they are looking for.

Using the tool we introduced last week, you can see what listings are incorrect or non-existent. When you pull up your report with the Moz Local tool, you can see an overview of what Moz thinks is incorrect, missing or if you don’t have a listing on a certain directory.

With most of the directories, your business may get added automatically, and you need to claim it as you do with Yelp or Google Business. And, depending on when it was added, the information will be wrong.

There are two ways to fix listings

  • You can manually claim & update each one [insert: time suck, potential user error & pain in the butt!].
  • Or you can pay for a service like Moz where you fill out all the correct information once, and the service connects out to the listings, helps you claim what is needed, and then makes sure that all the information is correct across the board. BTW, we have a local listings package as well if you’d like to have someone handle the management of the process.

Maximizing your Local Listings

Once your core listings are claimed & correct (Google Business, Google Maps, Facebook, Bing & Yelp), it’s time to focus on maximizing them. The information on your listings should be reflected on your website – all should match: your biz name, address, phone number, hours.

Google profile on mobile phoneHere’s a list of what can and should be done:

  • Create and add a cover image & use your logo for the profile image
  • Add photos, and if possible, video on a regular basis (think monthly here)
  • Review your business description – is it inviting, compelling and telling people why they should click into your website or call. As you’re writing your description, include keywords that people would use to search for your business
  • Make sure your hours filled in & correct.
  • Some listings allow for content “updates”. Add these updates to your strategic marketing plan.
  • Invite your customers to leave a review, and using links or a QR code, make it easy for them to get to the directory of their choice.
  • When you do get reviews, respond to them.

From here, it’s a “wash, rinse & repeat” process. It takes time to get everything correct across the board and move the needle on your ranking. In time, with persistence, you will find yourself in the Google 3-Pack!

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