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The Art of Felling Timber

Safety & Discipline

The Art of Felling Timber is a group that teaches advanced timber felling methods to experienced chain saw operators.

The Challenge

As a business grows, its focus can shift in order to better serve its customers. Having a website that accurately reflects the stage of your business and meets the growing needs of your customers is essential if it is to aid in the growth of your business. For the Art of Felling Timber, they had grown beyond offing just one product; the only focus of their old site. They now provided various training workshops, books, and merchandise. They needed an updated site that could facilitate their customer’s needs and showcase all that they offer. Our goal was to rebuild the site to better display their workshops and products in a structure that was easy to scale and fully informative to free up time for both customers and especially the business owner.

The Outcome

The new website allows for online prescreening and reservations for workshops, saving time and creating a better customer experience. The new website copy is more informative to instill trust and reassurance in customers. A dedicated page that pulls in letters of recommendation provides proof of the quality and uniqueness of their training programs. A new visual identity provides a more professional look to the business. This new identity was brought into their marketing materials, website, and merchandise for stronger brand recognition. Since its launch, they have experienced repeatedly sold-out workshops.


User Flow Analysis
Brand Refresh
Product Mockups
Website Graphics
Web Design and Development

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The Proof

“Website looks great! Thank you to Christy and her team. Sales are coming through.”

 ~ Roy Hauser, Owner & Lead Trainer

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