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CBC Cat & Backhoe

CBC Cat & Backhoe is a family-owned and run excavation company. They have been in business since 1990. They provide all dirt work needs including cutting house pads, building driveways, trenching utility lines, installing and repairing septic systems, and so much more.

CBC has established and maintained a great rapport with the local county & state agencies; and has long-standing relationships with trustworthy sub-contractors in general contracting, electrical, septic pumping, and more.


In the late 80s, Shawn was working at a service station in Rogue River and his roommate Lee was working for a pump company. Lee had run a CAT when he was a teenager and really enjoyed it. Shawn had grown up on his parent’s farm running front-end tractors. The two had a desire to go into business for themselves. Coincidentally, there was a local excavation business owner that was retiring and selling his business. Shawn and Lee took this opportunity to begin their career in something they both enjoyed doing with the added bonus of owning the business like they had planned. The only setback was that they did not have the means to purchase the business. They fortunately had met Richard who was a cabinet installer but wanted to contribute financially and become a silent partner. The three came together and bought the business. Eventually, Richard retired from cabinetry and began driving the dump truck for CBC and managing the books until retiring altogether, at which point Shawn and Lee bought Richard out. Both Shawn and Lee had sons who grew up around the business and eventually wanted to bring their sons into the business as owners. They agreed that separating as partners would make the most sense for their families. In 2017 the two split into two separate businesses and Shawn brought both his sons, Cody and Cory in as owners.

When Shawn and Lee started the business, they both worked hard, were able and willing to adapt, and wanted to offer an array of services through their business. This continued to be their vision and what they valued. They wanted to provide quality work, to have satisfied customers, and create a trustworthy name in the community. This continued to be the vision for the company and is why it has remained a small family own business. By remaining a small business, the owners are able to ensure that quality work is being provided.

Shawn also wanted to be able to pass something down to the next generation and to leave a legacy of hard work and self-improvement. He has not only passed down the business but also his work ethic and all of his many years of knowledge by working closely with and training Cody and Cory.

The Challenge

Their previous site was a single-page through ZipLocal, where it was nearly impossible to update and maintain as requests were delayed or ignored. The site wasn’t able to reflect the services they provide, and the benefits of working with them.

The goal of the project was to build a website that would be easy to keep updated, and provide website visitors with up to date information and the ability to easily contact them with questions or estimate requests.

The Outcome

The new website supports their brand and shares their services from a customer-centric perspective.


  • Deep-Dive Survey & Session
  • Strategy & Growth Session
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design & Development
  • Hosting

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The Proof

“I’m an awesome testimonial”

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