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AlignMend is service business and the specific service is physical therapy (PT). However, physical therapy is a practice. That means it evolves. So Paige’s particular kind of physical therapy treats much more than the physical body. It’s about showing people what they’re missing—identifying the root of the problem, not just areas of pain or dysfunction. Paige does that by looking at all the sensory systems involved in how a body feels and moves, and how the body interprets feelings and movements. That means she treats the neurology of the brain as much as she treats the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that most people associate with PT.

The Challenge

The old website was build on a custom CMS platform where the client could not edit their website. The design was not cohesive with their brand and navigation through the site was challenging. Because of everything previously invested in the old site, they were stuck with a very tight budget.

The Outcome

A micro, one page site that currently provide a clear voice to the services provided and has the framework for future growth.


  • Deep-Dive & Customer Journey Survey
  • Strategy & Growth Session
  • Keyword Research
  • Web Design & Development
  • Hosting
  • Local Citation Management
  • SEO

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The Proof

“I got a new patient today who specifically picked me out because she resonated with my website. Pretty excited about that. She went to the other providers here in Seattle that do what I do. She said it seems too “transitional PT” and she liked what my website represented and thought we would be a good team! These are the exact clients I want.”

 ~ Paige, owner

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