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Wish that there was a big “Easy Button” for your website?

As your Online Partner, we are here to proactively take care of your online needs and provide the comprehensive care needed to keep your website and online marketing in focus and bring you a strong ROI.

We’ve always been a strong advocate of YOU, the business owner being in charge, and having full access. That isn’t changing. As your business flourishes, we’re here to become an extension of your business and help you reach your business goals.

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You’re the Hero of Our Story

Your success is our #1 goal! We don’t push pre-packaged plans on you but take time to truly understand your business, your market and what is needed to make sure the two are engaged through our “DBK Deep Dive”. Once the Deep Dive is done, we put together a plan that fits your needs perfectly, and that is calculated to help you reach your goals.

As your strategic consultants, we work with you to make sure that your entire marketing plan and goals are in line with your brand.

A Professional, Passionate Team

As an “un-agency”, we don’t believe in pushing keyboards, pens & giving you a “number”. We are all proactively involved as the marketing extension of your company.  In addition to regular strategy/connect meetings we are in active communication with you… the same way you’d be with an in-house marketing team.

Everyone on the team, from our Admin Assistant to our CEO is personally available for any questions that may come up. And your Project Manager makes sure that the entire dance is choreographed and that everything happens as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Did you know that sites with more pages get more leads than those with fewer pages? We’re not talking content for the sake of content, but strategic content — aimed at creating a larger net for you! Our website services cover everything you need to have done on your site.

Here’s what’s included in our website services

  • Site Maintenance 
    Making the small changes needed to keep important information up to date and keeping your information relevant.
  • SEO Implementation
    We work with our resident SEO guru to fix the technical errors they find and implement the additional strategies they develop for you.
  • Strategic Content Development
    We work with YOU!, our Content Writer & our SEO guru to identify topics and create content with the goal of adding a new page to the site that will rank well and bring you visibility that you didn’t have before.

SEO focuses on your online visibility on Google primarily but also Bing.  We work with you to make any and all SEO optimization changes as required. It is a combination of honing the website if/as needed, fixing errors that are hindering higher rankings, monitoring what the competition is doing and building a bigger funnel, broader visibility for you.

Here’s what’s included in our SEO services

  • Monthly Reporting & Rank Tracking
    Our report includes: visibility, traffic, domain authority, links, keyword ranking and conversions.
  • Technical Site Corrections
    Part of Google’s ranking depends on if there are technical errors behind the scenes on your website. We’re able to look behind the scenes, identify any problems and correct them.
  • On-Page Content Corrections
    Is your content structured correctly? Do all your images have the ALT tag filled in? Are you properly using your headings & sub-headings. We figure this out and fix it.
  • Tactical  Analysis & Recommendations
    We look at both on-site and off-site tactical recommendations to improve brand authority and relevance.
  • E-commerce Goal Focus and Tracking
    If you have products to sell, we’ll help set-up and track ROI-level metrics as needed.  Optimization recommendations will take into account ROI performance of channels and phrases where applicable.
  • Citation Optimization Management
    Tracking and optimizing your online business information. We will audit, analyze, and help improve your incorrect business listings online as needed.

Our hosting service covers everything related to the functionality & security of the website itself.

We would love the opportunity to host your site on our servers so provide the best service. That way we’re not fighting some big “box store” hosting company for tech support when we’ve got an awesome team of geeks behind us.

Based on your needs we’d automatically put you into our “Got Your Back” (or PCI compliant if you need it) hosting package and add steroids, which moves you to the front of our “short” line.

Or if your needs are greater than living on our dedicated server with other clients, we’ll get you set on your own VPS or Dedicated server… it comes with the same incredible tech support.

  • Our hosting includes redundant backups which provide a safety net in case something like a hack happens.
  • We are able to integrate with GSuite email, Office 365 or MS Exchange servers if needed. Otherwise, full IMAP / POP email is available with no limit on the number of accounts.
  • Security monitoring and updates to WordPress or Joomla, the theme & extensions/modules.

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