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The city: Tourism is one of the biggest sectors of Bend. The Cascade Lakes that are nearby are also a big draw for tourists. The transient room tax is used in partnership with the Bend Economic Development Advisory Board and Visit Bend to convert visitors into residents and business owners to Bend. In 2011, See Bend reported that families are the biggest demographic that visit Bend (35%), while couples with no children constitute the second biggest part (24%) of visitors to the city. During an identical year, tourism generated $570 million and used 16% of the work force of the city.

Bend is also the greatest of over a dozen microbreweries in the city, the 6th largest craft brewery in the country and home to the Deschutes Brewery. Every year the city hosts many occasions celebrating its brewing culture including: The Little Woody Barrel Aged Brew, The Bend Oktoberfest and Whiskey Fest, Bend Brewfest, and Central Oregon Beer Week. Beer aficionados may also see with many of the breweries along the Bend Ale Trail.

In 2005, Bend’s economical profile included five business groups: tourism (7,772 occupations); health care and social services (6,062 occupations); professional, scientific and specialized services (1,893 occupations); wood products production (1,798 occupations); and diversion and transport equipment (1,065 occupations).

Much of the rapid growth recently of Bend is also because of its attraction as a retirement destination. The fast population growth has cultivated organizations like Oregon Solutions and Central Oregon Landwatch.