Social Media Marketing

“If you build it, will they come?” Not any more…

The terms “social media marketing” and “content marketing” are common buzz words today, but what do they mean? What do they cover? And are “they” something you can do?

We answer those questions in English, de-geeking the Myths and giving you solid information about why & how you should be marketing your business online, including effective use of Social Media.

We don’t have “secret methods” that we use to achieve your success. It takes guerilla marketing thinking, time and a great toolbox of resources.

Is Your Website Making You Money?

What Digital Marketing Covers

  • Your Website: the central hub which must be optimized to best draw people and play with the search engines. Optimizing your web site & marketing it are important pieces of the puzzle.
  • An Email List: people who’ve given you permission to engage them & market to them.
  • An engaging presence on Social Media where your market is active: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest & YouTube.
  • Blogging: writing articles that answer the questions people ask about your service/product area.

So, the above is the technical list. The short & simple is that people like to do business with people & companies they trust = have a relationship with. Digital Marketing is building that relationship and making them WANT to do business with you.

Our Job – Being Your Digital Marketing Partner

We’re here to be your team and help with as much as you want us to. You’ll always be an active player because we need your input on what you want to feature. But we take the heavy lifting by assisting you in putting together a marketing calendar, finding or creating content, and scheduling it to go out.

If you’re a complete DIY person, we coach you through a Digital Marketing 101 program. Giving you the tools you need to effectively market and grow your business. Does this take the place of a professional? It could, depending on how much time & energy you put into it.

How We Do Our Job

  • We start with a free consultation where we identify where you are currently & address your goals. If we both decide the fit is good, we work together in the following efforts.
  • With your goals in mind, we help identify the best strategies to market online & take a serious look at the on-website sales funnel. It doesn’t do any good to bring people to the site if it leaks like a sieve instead of directing like a funnel.
  • Once the marketing strategies have been identified, we’ll put together a logical time frame of implementing the plan. And, we’ll continue to work with you as it rolls out.