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Are you reaching your business goals?
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Being visible online is critically important to the success of your business, and Search Engine Marketing is one aspect we use to build the visibility of your business. Long gone are the days when a few strategic keywords would make your website jump to the top of search results. We combine keyword research, strategic content, technical improvements to your site, creating links to your site & other factors that build your visibility. SEO is a long game, and we’re here to be your partner to success!

Our SEO Process

1: Quality Keywords Over Quantity

We take a “less is more” approach to working with keywords. Instead of targeting a big list of keywords, we research, vet, and find the ideal list of keywords that will perform best for your goals.

2: Increase Relevancy for Your Keywords

We update key pages on your website to match your chosen keywords. And, we create and publish high-quality content on other websites that accept guest content. Both of these activities help Google and potential customers know that your business is a relevant result of their search.

3: Build Trust & Authority for the Keywords

As your online partner, we’re here as the online marketing extension of your business. We work to promote your business everywhere that your customers are searching. We also create content that will help build a diverse and natural backlink portfolio.

4: Continue to Monitor and Adjust as Necessary

While you’re focused on your business, we’re keeping an eye on your keyword rankings. This means that when it’s needed, we’ll adjust the strategy and tactics being used to keep your campaign on the right course.

5: Maintain & Strengthen Page One Rankings

Once your website reaches first page rankings, we help you maintain them by creating and promoting relevant, high-quality content on and off of your site. The goal is to help keep you ahead of your competitors, and successfully adapt to ever-changing algorithm updates.

6: Expand Visibility With New Keywords

Now that you are ranking on Google for your first set of keywords, and your online visibility is growing, we keep going by optimizing for new keywords. We do this by repeating the steps above.

Explore our Search Engine Marketing Options


$300Starting at
$300Starting at
  • Ideal for
    • Small Cities
    • Small Niche Businesses
  • Keyword Research & Focus
    • 2 Main Keywords
    • 5 Halo Keywords
    • 5 Hours Invested per Month
  • Foundation SEO Package Features
    • Onboarding Audit
    • Keyword Research
    • Assistance w/ Google Analytics & Google Console (if needed)
    • Building Quality Backlinks & Citations
    • Website Bookmarking
    • Article Engagement
    • Onsite Recommendations
    • Content Changes
    • Copy Creation
    • Website Technical Optimization
    • Site Speed Optimization
  • Foundation Plus SEO Package Features
    • Includes all activities in the Foundation package
    • 10 Halo Keywords
    • 10 Hours per month
    • Standard Blog Post Creation
    • Aged Article Inclusion
    • Onsite Broken Link Repair
  • Connecting & Reports
    • Monthly Report sent via Email
    • Online Reporting Dashboard
    • Semi-Annual Campaign Update with your Success Partner


$900Starting at
$900Starting at
  • Ideal for
    • Medium Cities with One Location
    • Multiple Locations
  • Keyword Research & Focus
    • 2 Main Keywords
    • 20 Halo Keywords
    • 20 Hours Invested per Month
  • Momentum SEO Package Features
    • Includes all activities in the Foundation & Foundation Plus packages
    • Custom Article Publication
    • Offsite Content Marketing
  • Momentum Plus SEO Package Features
    • Includes all activities in the Momentum package
    • 4 Main Keywords
    • 20 Halo Keywords
    • 20 Hours per month
    • Custom Article Publication
    • Offsite Content Marketing
  • Connecting & Reports
    • Monthly Report sent via Email
    • Online Reporting Dashboard
    • Quarterly Campaign Update with your Success Partner


$1,800Starting at
$1,800Starting at
  • Ideal for
    • Large Cities
    • Competitive Industries
    • eCommerce Campaigns
  • Keyword Research & Focus
    • 6 Main Keywords
    • 30 Halo Keywords
    • 30 Hours Invested per Month
  • Ascend SEO Package Features
    • Includes all activities in the Foundation, Foundation Plus, Momentum & Momentum Plus packages
    • Main Keywords Increased from the Momentum Plan
    • Halo Keywords Increased from the Momentum Plan
    • Hours invested per month increased from the Momentum Plan
  • Ascend SEO Package Plus Features
    • Includes all activities in the Foundation, Foundation Plus, Momentum & Momentum Plus packages
    • 8 Main Keywords
    • 40 Halo Keywords
    • 40 Hours per month
  • Connecting & Reports
    • Monthly Report sent via Email
    • Online Reporting Dashboard
    • Bi-Monthly Strategy Call / Campaign Update with your Success Partner


$3,600Starting at
$3,600Starting at
  • Ideal for
    • National Campaigns
    • Highly Competitive Industries
    • eCommerce Campaigns
  • Keyword Research & Focus
    • 12 Main Keywords
    • 60 Halo Keywords
    • 60+ Hours Invested per Month
  • Elevate SEO Package Features
    • Includes all activities in the Foundation, Momentum & Ascend packages
    • Premium Road Map Creation
    • Premium SEO Audit
    • Premium Onsite Blog Post
    • Premium Preliminary Audit
    • Premium Onsite Copy Creation
    • Premium Link Removal
  • Need a customized high end package?
    We can do that. It would include all the activities noted in our other packages, and simply expand the hours that we invest in your campaign.

    Book a strategy call using the button below to discuss your needs & get a quote.
  • Connecting & Reports
    • Premium Monthly Updates via email
    • Online Reporting Dashboard
    • Dedicated Success Partner
    • Unlimited Access to Your Success Partner
    • Monthly Campaign Update & Strategy Call with your Success Partner

How much SEO do YOU need?

How dense is the population you’re targeting? Larger and more densely populated areas are more competitive in terms of SEO. They’re also likely to require more SEO work to generate success.

What reach would you like for your business? Do you get your customers locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally? As your region gets bigger, you’ll need a larger SEO package to match the effort that will be needed.

How long will take for you to rank? SEO is a long game where you see results over time. But, the more high quality activities you do, the faster & bigger the results. If you start “small”, you will rank, but it will take time to get the same visibility you would have with a package that incorporates more activities.

Search Engine Marketing Package Tour

The world of SEO comes with a ton of geek. We do our best to turn the Geek into English. Here are the details of what we include in our packages and an explanation of why it is important.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to build traffic to a website that isn’t engaging visitors and converting them into a lead or sales. Before we start an SEO campaign, we will be taking you through our Deep Dive Process. Through this process, we will be clarifying what makes you unique as a business, who your customer is, and how to engage your customer.

The information we uncover during our Deep Dive will give us the foundation to be able to update the website so it better captures and converts people that come to it. The work we do here is many times covered under the first month’s fee. If there is a lot of work to be done on the site, we’ll discuss the needs and put together a plan that works for you so that your site can put it’s best foot forward.

If you don’t have these things in place, the first step will be to get them set up:

  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Webmaster Setup
  • Google Webmaster Monitoring
  • Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Canonicalization
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap Generation & Submission

Once we’ve got the right tools integrated and set up we’ll start the research and analysis aspect of marketing. These things are an ongoing part of any healthy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan.

  • Website Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • SEO Analysis
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Website Content Analysis
  • Mobile Usability Analysis
  • Website Page Load Speed Analysis
  • Keyword Research

Ranking high with search engines like Google is a combination of both how your site plays technically as well as your content. We call it the technical part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We start with an important first pass to bring everything up to snuff, and then we check it regularly to keep it up to date. With content suggestions that tie into the ongoing keyword research we’re doing for you, you can avoid the guesswork and get straight to your audience.

  • Fixing Broken Internal Links
  • Schema Tags Optimization
  • Content Suggestions
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Page Speed Optimization (because milliseconds count on a website)
  • Title & Page Optimization (Header Tags, Meta Description, Link & Image Optimization)*

*For title and page optimization, we provide you with the list of what needs to be done, and coach you so you know how to change the wording so it is more effective. If you want us to do the work, we’ll provide an estimate based on what is needed and do the work under our website maintenance service, billing you for it when we’re done.

“Find a ____ near me” — How often have you told that to your phone? Google or Siri dutifully returns some suggestions and you call, get directions or visit a website. How does that happen? Because those businesses had their ducks in a row with local citations.

Have a home based business & don’t want your address listed? There’s a way we can build your citations and keep your home address private.

We make sure the information on your website is correct. Then we work to claim listings in important directories. And make sure that the directories that already have your information have it correct.

If you move, change your hours, etc., it’s important to update it across all your listings… yup, we handle that for you as well.

“But, I already have a website chock full of content! You mean I’ve got to have more?” Yes! Google loves authentic, high quality content that helps your clients. The content we’ll be creating for you isn’t “just more content”. We’ll work from the results of the keyword research that we did during Research & Analysis phase, and create content in your voice that will benefit your clients.

We will share the keyword search results with you so you can choose which topics you want to start with. Then we “climb inside your brain” and learn all we can about the topic from you before we put keyboard to document.

There was a pool business back east that was killing the rankings because they had solid pages of content that answered questions people were asking like “how long does a pool liner last?”, “how much does it cost to build a swimming pool”, and others.

You can do the same with a solid strategy!

Each of our marketing packages includes one strategic page per month.

We’re here for you, So reports from us WON’T be technogeek PDFs that mean nothing to you. You’ve got a partner in all this, and we call it your Success Partner. Every month they’ll be combing through the technogeek for you and sending you easy to follow reports on what we’ve been up to.

We’re on your team, and that means a conversation and relationship. We want to hear your questions and ideas, and while we’ve set things up to run pretty streamline, your input is vital. We’ve built time with you into each package along with regular phone calls to cover your reports in depth and also touch base on the focus of your business so we can fine tune our process.

It’s all a part of what we do… Taking Care of YOU Online!