What is Online Marketing?

Is Your Website Making You Money?

“If you build it, will they come?” Not any more…

The terms “internet marketing”, “social media marketing” and “content marketing” are common buzz words today, but what do they mean? What do they cover? And are “they” something you can do?

We answer those questions in English, de-geeking the Myths and giving you solid information about why & how you should be marketing your business online, including effective use of Social Media.

We don’t have “secret methods” that we use to achieve your success. It takes guerilla marketing thinking, time and a great toolbox of resources.

What Digital Marketing Covers

  • Your Website: the central hub which must be optimized to best draw people and play with the search engines. Optimizing your web site & marketing it are important pieces of the puzzle.
  • An Email List: people who’ve given you permission to engage them & market to them.
  • An engaging presence on Social Media where your market is active: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest & YouTube.
  • Blogging: writing articles that answer the questions people ask about your service/product area.

So, the above is the technical list. The short & simple is that people like to do business with people & companies they trust = have a relationship with. Digital Marketing is building that relationship and making them WANT to do business with you.

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