Search Engine Questions Answered

SEO is not SEM

A website should be a client magnetSearch Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are two separate things even though they are closely related to each other.

  • SEO is the art of optimizing your website to gain the most traction in the search engines while providing your customers with easy access to the solution you have to their problem.
  • SEM is the art of marketing your website in the search engines, generally through paid advertising.

Search Engine Optimization

Here’s a short video on what SEO is all about.

Common Questions Answered

Can I do SEO myself?

Yes! I’m a firm believer that everyone can & should know the basics of how to optimize their site.

Why? You’re the business owner. You’re passionate about your business. You know how to talk to people to draw them in. Add a few technical points of how to use the above knowledge & you’re off and running.

What are the important parts?

Keywords ~ those words that your customers love & are key to telling the search engines what you’re all about. Those need to be in the right places. But, don’t think that if you stuff keywords in you’ll get extra mileage. The Search Engines are getting better about “reading like a human” and penalizing people for stuffing too many keywords into a page.

Quality, Original Content ~ People are surrounded by digital noise & search engines hate duplicated, low quality content. Let the passion about your business hang out and educate people about the benefits you bring to the table. Search Engines & people alike will love your site!

Don’t run off on tangents ~ The points brought out in the video are time proven pieces that MUST be a part of your website in order for it to rank in the search engines.

Why are SEO companies so expensive? Gone are the days of finding a list of keywords and strategically placing them on your site, building some links and calling it good. Google has over 200 different things it takes into consideration when it ranks a website. Besides optimizing the content on your site, there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes so that Google sees your site as a trustworthy, quality website that should rank highly.

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