COVID Business Tips

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We’re all in this together, and like you we’ve been adjusting and adapting to what for now is our new reality.

That’s why we’re reaching out to you today. We’re committed to supporting you and helping you thrive in your local community; to being here, for YOU! Here’s how we want to help:

  1. Are you still open? Do you have new hours or protocol that should be on your website? If so, please let us know – we are doing all COVID-19 related updates at no cost to you.
  2. IF you have something that you could sell online but haven’t transitioned there, we’ve got a very low cost package to help you make the transition. That way people could order what they need and either do a curbside pickup or choose to have it shipped.
  3. We would love to promote you on our Facebook page. If you’re interested, please reply back and we’ll get your business face out there.
  4. We’ll be sending a weekly email with tips and ideas on how you can ensure your brand remains healthy during these unprecedented circumstances. And this is our introductory email with our initial tips and ideas…

Immediate To Do’s

  • Let people know whether you are open for business, have adapted your usual method of delivery or have temporarily closed … have that message on your website homepage, social media and your Google Business page. The first thing people do before venturing out is to check whether you’re open or closed, and if there is information on how their health is being addressed by you.
  • Switch to a different “S” word. Instead of sales, what can you do to support your community? Because if we’re all working to support each other, we’ll all be stronger in the end.

Longer Term Tips and Strategies

So, how can you market your business if you’re closed, running limited hours or one of the essential businesses needing to stay open.

  • Post regularly on whatever social media platform reaches your customers, but don’t overload the airwaves. Stay away from politics and religion and focus on the good of your customers.
  • Focus on audience expansion. This is an ideal time to grow your list. Gather contact information from customers who reach out to you, or who you are helping. Run Facebook ads to collect leads to use when you open again. There’s less competition right now, and everyone is on social media all day.
  • Share customer reviews on your website and social media. Often we receive testimonials and reviews, but don’t make time to do anything with them. But they have immense value. Not only are they often read by prospects, but they can build your rating online.
  • Stay in touch with your staff and team. Everyone is craving a sense of community and family right now. And they often have great ideas and insight on your business and clients that can help you refine or reframe any of your community outreach ideas.

Our Biggest Tip: 

  • Don’t be the ostrich who sticks their head in the sand. Don’t stop talking to your customers and community. Show that you care, that you’re there for them.

We’ve always stood by your side as your web partner and we’re not going anywhere. Would you like to talk about any of the ideas we’ve shared or ones you may have? Send us an email!

Stay positive and be healthy,

Christy and team

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