3 Things You Need for a Successful Video

Successful video tips

Let’s dive into a topic that may be a bit advanced for some, but still doable — Video!

Video content with a purpose is a great way to engage people. If you have more time on your hands because you’ve had to temporarily close, take advantage of it! Plan out & record short informative videos.

  • Provide some FAQs about your business.
  • Record a message and share your WHY.
  • Create a Learning Center on your website answering common questions you get about your business.
  • Demonstrate how people are using your products or services to contribute to the greater good.

We asked Nick Alexander, a local video producer what the top 3 things are for successful video are. His answer: Lights! Camera… Silence!


  1. Lights: Frame your subject in a well-lit area. If your house doesn’t have much natural light, go outside on the deck, the back porch or someplace where you will be decently lit. The worst is when your audience can’t see you well or, on the other extreme, your face becomes angelic. If you must film inside, keep the window in front of you so the natural light illuminates your face. Move back a few feet if the light is too intense. It’s all free!
  2. Camera: No, you don’t need a DSLR camera from Best Buy. Just use your iPhone or Android which can shoot in 4K! They are actually really good devices when used in optimal settings. Purchase a Gorilla pod/tripod with a smartphone adapter so the video is stable. If you can’t grab a tripod, use a tower of books or have someone film you instead of you trying to hold the phone as you speak.
  3. Silence! Make sure you find a place that doesn’t distract your viewer — turn off the tv, ask your family members to refrain from speaking while you do the video, go to the quietest room in the house. Separate yourself from all those noises. And finally, keep the camera/iPhone as close to you as possible without making it awkward. The closer the microphone is to your mouth, the better the sound quality, regardless of a microphone on the iPhone or a professional shotgun mic.

If you’ve got questions, or perhaps have some video experience but would like to take it to the next level, reach out to Nick, he’s here to help you!

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