Is Your Website Driving Sales?

Is your website…

A) Making you money?

If the answer is A, congrats, you’re one step ahead of many websites. But a website always has room for improvement and we can help take your business to the next level. SEO & marketing is a process of “wash, rinse & repeat”. And, depending on the maintenance or marketing contracts you currently have, we can help improve your bottom line by lowering costs.

Our passion is to help your business keep an upward trajectory. We can help accomplish your goals through website improvements, effective marketing, and lowering your costs for the basic needs of your site.

B) Costing you money?

If the answer is B, we can help in a number of ways. Whether your website is performing poorly (design, flow and/or content), you’re paying high costs for maintenance, or you have a marketing contract where you’re not sure what you’re getting for the price.

No matter what it is that’s holding your business back, our free, comprehensive website review will pinpoint where your website is leaking cash and where it can be sharpened and transformed into your profit machine.

Do you want to become an online force…

But you’re too busy running your business? Then bring us on as your partner in web design, hosting, maintenance and marketing. We work in concert with you to ensure that your website elevates your business to the next level.

We provide the “Easy Button” for your online world by meeting your immediate needs, learning your unique goals and working together with you to create a suite of services to reach those goals. Our desire is to be your partner in your online dance so that your website truly works as hard as you do.

We don’t believe in preset packages and long term contracts, or black holes instead of open communication. As we put together the package that fits your needs, we provide enough education to empower you to make the best decisions for your online assets.

Web design services

Have you had a web designer who never made your priorities their priorities?

That’s not us. We start with partnership as step one, climbing inside your brain so we can understand your business, passion and priorities.

The entire process is a dance where you’re an important partner for success. Everything between us will always be completely out in the open to guarantee that there will never be any surprises.

Your vision will always be preserved and promoted as we design your new website around the passion that inspired you to start your business.

Because there’s a reason you do what you do as hard as you do it and we want to help you continue to live your dream. Our goal for your website is that it will drive your business goals!

Web hosting & maintenance services

Are you hosting with the “Big Guys” or locked into a maintenance contract?

You’ll never feel like a number when you trust us with your web hosting and maintenance needs.

Our hosting packages include all the basics for lightning fast websites, free SSL, redundant nightly site backups, security monitoring & updates. We speak English and can help by phone, email or text. And, there’s no upsell for “premium service” to get our technical knuckles greasy.

When it comes to maintenance, you aren’t locked into a long term contract where you pay the same amount no matter how much work we do. When you have changes to the site, we do them, then send you the bill.

We’ve got your back… keeping your site safe and current so you can focus on running your business without added stress.

Online Marketing Solutions

Are your website and digital marketing efforts driving the sales you need?

If your website is just a digital business card, it could be a waste of money. Our goal is to transform your website & marketing into a solid sales force!

The following can be signs that you’re leaving money on the table:

  • I get traffic to my website, but am not seeing conversions
  • My rankings have dropped significantly
  • My site has a high bounce rate
  • I haven’t updated my website and/or SEO strategy in several years
  • I am struggling to attract my local audience
  • Traffic to my site is decreasing

All of these are fixable with the right partner on your side.

At Design! by Kiltz we truly understand collaboration.
You’ll be really happy you put us on your team.

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