Turn Your Website Into a Sales Machine

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We help you reach your dreams!

We help business owners grow their business by maximizing their online presence with an efficient website and an ongoing partnership of marketing, optimization & consulting.

Are you tired of paying for an “expensive business card” and want to turn your website into a marketing tool that brings you business?

We’re here to remove your frustration & turn your website into a sales tool!

Web design services

With your website, we make your priorities our priorities!

We start with partnership as step one, climbing inside your brain so we can understand your business, passion and priorities.

Step 1 РBuild Your Website.  Start your journey to increasing leads with a website that captures the essence of your business and easily guides people through information they need to convert to a lead. Your new website will set you ahead of your competition!

Our goal for your website is that it will drive your business goals!

Online Marketing Solutions

Digital marketing that drives the sales & leads you need

A website without marketing is an expensive business card! That is why marketing is the all-important next step to bringing you leads & sales.

Step 2 – A marketing plan that works. Web Presence Optimization… the huge umbrella term that covers everything you need to do to gain the online visibility you need. We help create a marketing calendar and do the search engine work to make you visible.

Our goal for your marketing is to make you visible online!

Web hosting & maintenance services

Growth! An ongoing process of maintenance & optimization

We never get to the point where we put all the hard work we’ve done on autopilot. As your visibility grows, it is important to continue to monitor and optimize your site.

Step 3 – Optimize & Maintain Your Website. On a regular basis, we analyze how people are interacting with your site & make improvements to improve your conversion rate. We also update your content and photos on a regular basis.

Our goal is that you get the leads & sales you need to meet your goals!

We understand the frustration of dumping a lot of money into a website and not having it perform.
With over 20 years of experience in the online world, we have the solution to turn your website into an efficient sales tool.
We go beyond “a pretty website” and make sure that you are engaging & leading potential visitors to become customers.

Have questions?
That’s totally ok — book a call so we can explore, answer questions & create a solution that fits your needs!
(we don’t believe in cookie cutters)

It was a pleasure to work with the Design by Kiltz team! Our project had a tight turnaround & custom coding and they nailed it. Students can easily navigate scholarship options on the new website.

Quin, Josephine County Educational Foundation 

Design by Kiltz did an exceptional job of capturing our voice. The new site is heads & shoulders above anything we’ve had in the past. It has lowered our call volume and increased our bookings.
Jacob & Daniel, BookStayHop

Our new website is exactly what we were looking for, but even better. We love what you did with the slide feature on our before and after photos in the photo gallery too! That totally took this to the next level for us.

Adam & Shayna, A&S Cleaning

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