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Thanks for stopping by. I am Christy Kiltz, the founder of Design! by Kiltz. I look forward to serving your online technology needs. Design! by Kiltz Internet Solutions has been in business since 2000. But here’s the thing….I’m not just in business, I’m passionate about what I do!

My number one goal is to make creating and maintaining business websites absolutely pain free for you. I work with my accomplished team to provide you with a website that will do what it is supposed to do — Make You Money!

Rather than making myself crazy as a jack-of-all-trades, I have a team of professionals to make us the answer to your toughest online presence challenges. Our unique and fully-functional team approach means that you get the best, with each individual passionately providing their skills to make your online presence shine!

Christy Kiltz

Meet the Team… Your Team

Photo of Christy Kiltz

Christy Kiltz

Owner & Chief Partnership Officer

I provide the full coordination of online services to bring you the best possible solutions for your business. Working with you to develop a successful concept and focus for your website, I take the goal we create and bring it to pass.

I’m really not a true geek-girl. I love the outdoors—camping, hiking, and water of any kind, and can even survive for a weekend without a computer.…

Photo of Lynn Broughton

Lynn Broughton

Project Manager

I am an organization nerd, solution-seeker, and system savant who loves realizing a client’s vision in an efficient, systematic way. I thrive on structure and processes, and love learning new things daily because no project or client is alike. It’s such a rewarding, incredible ride!

When I’m not keeping projects on track, I love being outside exploring all the beauty that nature has to offer or valiantly attempting to keep plants alive in my small garden.…

Photo of Alex Dornbusch

Alex Dornbusch


Nice to meet you! I like to think of myself as a geeky & artistic goth girl. I’m adept at multitasking, as I’m usually performing website maintenance, trouble-shooting, and building websites as the team’s go-to developer. Small needs, big needs, bring them on! I’m always up for a challenge and the satisfaction of happy clients.

If I’m not diving into techy code for work, I’m most likely geeking away on my Bachelor in Game Programming & Design online.…

Photo of Andressa Almeida

Andressa Almeida

Design Manager

As a graphic designer, I lead the journey from exploring a concept to creating a design that meets the matching expectations that people have. I love “crawling inside your head”, discovering the picture you have, and then creating it. I also enjoy working with motion graphics and filmmaking.

I consider myself a “run-and-gun”, trouble-solving & outgoing person, so I always think that new tasks are challenges that I must go through to improve as a human being.…

Photo of Rebecca Scott

Rebecca Scott


As a writer, I love to turn the infamous “blank page” into inspiring, educational, empowering and authentic content. I enjoy collaborating with businesses to discover the “why” of what they do, and their unique qualities. I’m the founder of RJS Writing Service and provide local businesses with content that gets them noticed, creates connection, and motivates action.…

Photo of Jammer Ferrer

Jammer Ferrer

Social Media, Marketing & Website Maintenance support

I’m a super nerd, my main functions are website maintenance support, marketing, and social media, but I love to help with sudden tasks that were not planned.

My two passions have always been sales and computers, and I am also a computer engineer, which makes me learn and apply new things. I love the fact that working remotely has made me realize how important it is to be there for my family.…

Our singular goal & mission is to…
Make the Online Aspect of Your Business Hassle Free with Comprehensive Service

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