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Services include website build, Facebook management, and Google audience growth

Our Approach

We build bold, beautiful websites that capture the passion you have for your business. We believe that personalized attention and excellent customer service are the key to long-lasting relationships. Taking care of you online is what we do best!

  • Develop and design? You bet
  • Updates? We got it
  • Security and maintenance? Yup
  • Hosting? Absolutely
  • Internet hacks? No problem
  • Adorable office mascot named Momo? We’ve got that too

At Design! by Kiltz, we provide comprehensive internet solutions that make your website & online marketing experience pain-free. We are your Chief Marketing Technology Team!

  • We listen
  • We ask questions
  • We move your business forward
  • We make your life easier. For real

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our services, peek at some of our favorite projects, or just cut to the chase & book a 30 minute exploration call.

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Clients Say Thank-You

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“I like Christy’s offer the best…she shows professionalism and attention to detail that I feel is important for this type of work.”


Christy is a true pleasure to work with, she is always willing to go the extra mile to achieve goals.

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Christy has been very responsive to our requests as we add to our website over the years. Have gotten a very good response from our site and use it as a marketing sales tool on a regular basis.