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Our Approach

We build bold, beautiful websites that capture the passion you have for your business. We believe that personalized attention and excellent customer service are the key to long-lasting relationships. Taking care of you is what we do best.

  • Develop and design? You bet.
  • Updates? We got it.
  • Security and maintenance? Yup.
  • Hosting? Absolutely.
  • Internet hacks? No problem.
  • Adorable office mascot named Momo? We’ve got that too.

At Design! by Kiltz, we provide simple internet solutions that make your website experience a breeze. We are your CTO.

We listen.
We ask questions.
We make your life easier. For real.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our services, peek at some of our favorite projects, or just cut to the chase and tell us what you need using the form to the right.

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Clients Say Thank-you

“Christy helped me to build a website of my dream with a lot of priceless suggestions coming from her experience that saved my time. It is very important to have a web designer whom one can trust completely to focus on my part of the business and have a peace of mind about the industry where Christy is an expert.”

Valentina ~ LMI of the Rogue Valley